ROGA Drone: Remote Operated Green Applications

We use drones equipped with sensing and application technology to supply precision aerial application services to our clients.

Don Campbell

Don is the owner, and founder of ROGA Drone.  Don is responsible for operational control over any operations taking place across the Canadian Prairies.  He has successfully completed the Level 2 Commercial UAV - Unmanned Ground School taught by Clarion Drone Academy, as part of the UAV Systems in Industry course through the M3 Aerial Productions UAV Ground School.

Don was raised on a mixed farm in south western Manitoba.  After purchasing his own farm, he concentrated on pedigreed seed production and became a select seed grower.  He is real estate trained in agricultural real estate.  Over the years he has obtained several certificates and training relating to the industry.  Some of these include:

  • ISO Training
  • Core Pesticide Application License
  • Authorized Importer
  • Authorized Exporter
  • Certified Grader Operator
  • Sampler Designations
  • UAV Ground School (required by Transport Canada to operate UAVs commercially)

Don currently lives in Elie, Manitoba which is home base for the business.

ROGA Drone has completed the National Aerial Pesticide Applicator's course, as well as the Mosquito and Other Biting Flies course, and holds an Aerial Applicators license and Mosquito Applicators license with insurance coverage's for liability and spray drift to spray pesticide and fertilizer for agricultural, and mosquito management purposes in Canada.

Don is also a volunteer member of the Canadian Air Search and Rescue Association.