Product Specifications

Product Specifications

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Forwards Robotics U7AG Sprayer

While in the process of researching many RPAS manufactures we concluded many systems were converted photography or mapping drones. They are suited for small acreage or spot spraying but lack suitability for broadacre applications. We were fortunate enough to engage with Forward Robotics, a Canadian manufacturer that has taken a different approach to drone spraying. We are pleased to be exclusive distributors for Forward Robotics in Western Canada, the US and Australia.

Unlike existing systems that rely on low or ultra low volumes of water to get more productivity the U7AG has been designed for broadacre application following current label rates and regulations for pesticides.  The U7AG sprays at 1to 3 metres above the crop canopy at speeds from 0 to 100 kph with a 7m or 23-foot boom. Productivity is achieved with the use of a fully automated closed system refill station that can refill in 60 seconds.

Technical Specifications:

Coverage:              100-150 acres/hr @2-4gpa

Spray Width:        7m (23’)

Spray Speed:        0-100kph

Tank Volume:      45l (12 gal)

Refill Time:           60 sec

MTOW:                   90 kg

Top Speed:            120 kph

Max Payload:       50 kg

Battery Range:    30 km

Hybrid Range:     500 km

Radio Range:        10 km

Drift Control

U7AG’s wings are designed with an ultra high aspect ratio, winglets and laminar flow sections,reducing wing tip vortices and trailing edge turbulance, which minimizes flow induced drift.


 SPRAY UP TO 100 acres/hour at 4gal/acre.