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The Kray Sprayer

While in the process of obtaining our standing complex restricted SFOC we researched and talked to many UAV manufactures. We felt most companies were taking photography UAV’s and trying to make them as heavy lift as possible and adding spray systems with not as much emphasis on the spraying system itself. Then we discovered Kray Technologies Inc. a company solely concentrated on aerial application of pesticides as their only business.

This UAV uses Ultra Low Volume spraying technology.  The UAV sprays at 3 feet above the crop canopy at speeds up to 60 mph. To achieve this accuracy the machine is equipped with terrain follow and collision avoidance systems. Because we use ultra low volume application rate we use a unique spray nozzle to avoid spray drift. The UAV is equipped with patented rotary atomizers to achieve uniform droplet size and a two phase electrostatic to avoid spray drift.


The ability to spray up to 700 to 1200 acres a day.


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