M3 Aerial Productions Inc.

Aerial imaging and UAV Training Specialists

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Matthew Johnson (right), President and CEO of M3 Aerial Productions Inc. is deeply involved in the unmanned air systems industry in Canada.  M3 Aerial has an industry leading UAV Ground School program that is offered privately, and through Brandon University; having training almost 500 pilots since 2016.

M3 Aerial is also an aerial data specialist, having imaged nearly 100,000 acres of cropland since 2015.  Matthew provided UAV Ground School training to Don, and now works cooperatively with Roga Drone to collect crop health data in the form of NDVI (Normalized Difference Vegetation Index) than can be used to create prescription maps for precision agriculture.  Using the Roga Drone Kray Sprayer, high value crops such as Potatoes can reap the benefits of input micro-management.

"NDVI is one of the critical elements of a precision agriculture campaign...  THat and the ability to make applications based on the data."

ROGA Drone works closely with M3 Aerial Productions and independent agronomic partners.  Together, we provide clients with the full precision agriculture service spectrum.  From field assessment through NDVI (Normalized Difference Vegetation Index) crop health assessment, to agronomic consultations and prescriptions, and finally precision aerial applications of pesticide and fertilizer.

Our mission is simple:

"To maximize efficiency and savings for our clients." - Matthew Johnson


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We Map, Monitor, and Assess Environmental Change

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NextGen Environmental Research Inc. is a Canadian remote sensing company that maps and monitors environmental change. Based in Winnipeg, the company specializes in Unmanned Air Vehicles (UAV’s), high resolution satellite data, kinematic GPS applications, and Geographic Information Systems. Our approach and equipment are chosen to image relatively large agricultural areas efficiently by UAV or satellite. We collect real-time survey grade UAV photogrammetric elevation data.

The president, Dr. Paul M. Cooley, is a remote sensing scientist with more than 20 years of
experience in the remote sensing and GPS surveying industry, internationally. Paul is expert at
interpretation of multispectral imagery, and at calculating vegetation indices from space or low-
altitude. In today’s youthful UAV community, where most companies are new, and technical
service providers use hand’s off “cloud” processing, Paul’s also brings novel guidance and an
image processing lab that saves you money.

Paul also met Matthew during the M3 Aerial Productions UAV Ground School. Paul and Don met on the advice of an entrepreneur. In a brief time, it was clear that our collective ambition, dedication, skill set, and don’t forget the truck-full of technology, blends well. Together, we offer solid advice and a comprehensive service for today’s farming operations, from small to large.

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