NDVI Mapping and Drainage

Healthy plants make a happy producer

ROGA Drone is partnering with M3 Aerial Productions to provide vegetation health mapping using near-infrared (NIR), and multispectral remote sensing technology. 


Using NDVI (Normalized Difference Vegetation Index) analysis, it is possible to identify areas of stress within a crop, where it may not be visible with the naked eye.  

How does it work?

Near-infrared (NIR) incident light (from the sun) reflects strongly off healthy plants, and is absorbed by unhealthy plants.  Sensitive sensors can detect the amount of NIR light that is reflected, and that data is collected, processed through an algorithm, and reproduced in a format that can be easily understood:

Green = Healthy
Yellow = Stressed
Red = Dead or non-plant

There are obviously many variations in what the data can actually mean. Sometimes green indicates weed presence... the data needs to be correlated with boots-on-the-ground analysis.

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