Drainage Management

Drainage Maps to help maximize arable land

Uneven land is the bane of many farmers.  Water collects in wet years in the low spots and can cause drown-out, and in dry years, the tops of the hills get scorched.  You are almost forced into needing the Goldilocks weather just the right amount of rain and sun to maximize yield.

In order to combat this  ailment, farmers have typically relied on traditional land-elevation measurement practices.  Such practices include laser leveling, RTK mapping either dragging additional equipment behind the seeder, or on the back of an ATV.  Drone technology has brought a much simpler, and cost effective method of measuring elevation and creating detailed and interactive elevation maps.

We are partnering with M3 Aerial Productions to provide our customers with the most precise elevation data available so that you can make the management decisions to maximize your yield potential!